PUBG Winter map:Vikendi, Is Here


Vikendi, the new 6km X 6km PUBG winter map became available on PUBG test servers on Dec. 7 2018, and now we can go through the details one by one.

It will become available on PUBG PC after all testing and fixing on Dec. 19,2018 and on PS4 and Xbox One in January 2019.

1.Vikendi is a 6 x 6 map , so the gameplay will be more intense than Erangel or Miramar.

2. Vehicles are more slippery in the snowy areas. Drive carefully.

3. Vehicle tracks and footprints will appear behind the player.

4. A new 2 seater Vehicle-Snow Mobile is introduced in this map,which is comfortable to ride on icy or snowy areas but can be a struggle in terrain.  

5. A new gun G36C replaces the old SCAR-L in Vikendi map.With 5.56mm ammo type,this gun can store 30 bulltes and 40 with an Extended Mag.

However, the developers are unclear about the launch of this new exiting winter map on PUBG Mobile , but as we can see that it is winter themed, we can expect two more months before we can play Vikendi on PUBG Mobile. 



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