Bitcoin the biggest and most trending topic among all technological communities from past years. There was a time when  it touched around $19,000 but then price fall down.
In a time like this, many people are looking to invest in the cryptocurrency. Although India is yet to formulate concrete laws around Bitcoin, it hasn’t stopped people from trading in the popular currency, and investing money in it.
Now, Dubai based “Pluto Exchange” has launched a Bitcoin trading app specifically targeted for the Indian market. It was announced by Founder Of Pluto Exchange and CEO Bharat Verma.
According to Mr. Bharat Verma, the app will allow Indians to perform Bitcoin transactions using their mobile number and a Authentication PIN.
As Mentioned By Mr.Verma,
“The Pluto Exchange mobile app offers a solution to the coordination problem between payment processors, financial gateways and banks.” He also mentioned about ease of using the app as compared to its competitors — “All other apps already in the market do transactions using bitcoin addresses, which are long and prone to error while copying. Pluto Exchange will change this scenario by enabling transactions using mobile numbers only, which are just 10 digits,” 
In Short,
The Pluto Exchange app will allow users to perform a vast variety of Bitcoin transactions, including payments, remittances, B2B commerce, and trading among others.
Cryptocurrency will surely gain a Boom in coming years, some financial experts has also predicted that the currency might touch $100,000 in the next 12 months.
We have to just Wait and Watch……Current Bitcoin prices are around $14,000 per Bitcoin.
Via : Beebom


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