As it is rightly said that “Everything has to come to an end, sometime.”

The google’s internet based social network launched by google in 2011 with great expectations is finally coming to an end in April, 2019. Google plus was released to replace the existing ‘Google buzz’. It was launched with a ton of features which were way ahead of other social networking platforms of that time. Since its release it has been part of many controversies and has faced a lot of criticism one of them was when google’s video sharing site youtube, made it mandatory for users to have a google plus account to comment, after which users began mocking google on an international scale. Other controversies include when google began asking users to use their real names and not the fake ones on the google plus, and reports also stated that google went out to suspend the accounts of those users whose requirements were not met.

These controversies were never enough for google to make a decision to bring down the consumer version of google plus, but the one which led to this decision was an issue of major security concern which made the personal information of users vulnerable to other external parties. With the reporting of this bug to the consumers by google, google stated that “None of the developers were aware about this and the privacy of no user was hampered.” Google also said that the other reasons for discontinuation of site include the low usage of google plus by 90% of the users.

After this news was made public in google’s blog post, this certainly might have left many users in shock and many untouched. This may have mainly had an impact on business owners who used google plus along with other platforms to promote their business online.

Google is set out to continue updating the enterprise version of google plus for G-suite users. The updated versions of google plus will effect how online businesses will interact with consumers. The reason behind the continuation of google plus for enterprises is because google sees lot of potential in this segment. G-suite administrators have the power to control access to the apps that they see fit for organization. Google stated that they will divert the resources from consumer version to enterprise version of google plus. New updates will ensure enhanced privacy features a, a central control, common access rules that can be set by admins, and many more.

Now many consumers might wonder how they can migrate all their data or photos from google plus? So to sought this problem google posted blog which had detailed information of how consumers can do so. Google bent itself to  help consumers save data by starting a project called ‘Google takeout’ in which you can select all data you want to download after logging in and voilà! You are good to go. Alongside Google takeout google took another initiative and launched ‘Project Strobe’ which is released with a vision to improve consumer privacy for other google apps.

In a nutshell this decision would only affect small businesses who used google plus as a source for promotions. And once normal consumer gets complete hold of his/her data will eventually get over it. People who are part of G-suite will be the ones least affected from this.


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