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The First-Ever Close-Up of a Black Hole

Black Hole Event Horizon: The first photo looks like a "ring of light surrounding a dark circle deep in the heart of the galaxy...

A 12-Year-Old Built a Fusion Reactor in His Playroom

As Reported by LiveScience, According to The Guardian, A 12-year-old kid from Tennessee created a nuclear reaction in his family's playroom in January 2018...

Scientists Are Building a Steam-Powered Spaceship…

It seems that interplanetary travel has finally entered the steam age. Scientists at the University of Central Florida (UCF) have teamed up with Honeybee Robotics,...

Physicists Built a Machine That Breaks the Normal Rules of Light

Under normal circumstances, light displays certain kids of physical symmetry.Physicists have built a ring in which pulses of light whip circles around each other...
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