Anant Shaynam

Editor in chief

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Call of duty developer Infinity ward evacuated after a bomb threat

Infinity ward, the developer behind multiple call of duty games including infinite warfare and modern warfare 3 evacuated their employees following a bomb threat...

Voyager 2 Probe enters interstellar space

NASA's Voyager 2 probe, which was launched from earth in 1977, has become the second man-made object to reach interstellar space, this is the...

New Dragon age game revealed at the game awards

Bioware teased a new dragon age game at the game awards 2018. They released a short vague teaser that didn't even revealed the official...

Top 5 gaming laptops of 2017

PC gaming isn't really known for it's mobility and now with the introduction of nintendo switch, the mindset of average gamers have shifted- they...

Another solar system just like ours discovered by NASA

A solar system with as many planets as our own has been discovered with the help of NASA’s Kepler space telescope and artificial intelligence.According...

How space travelling has helped in technological development at earth

Ever heard anyone saying that space travel is a waste of money and resources? I have, on multiple ocassions. Some people seem to have...

Is Nvidia Titan V the most powerful graphics card of this age?

Nvidia has released a new Titan graphics card which it’s claiming to be as the most powerful GPU in the world. However, it’s not...

Who will bag game of the year award?

With the year drawing to a close, it is time again for the final exams of the games released all year. The nominees for this...
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