PUBG Mobile, is one of the most popular mobile games that are out right now. It was recently crowned as the ‘Best Game of 2018’ by Google.

And this time, PUBG Mobile is continuing its streak with two nominations in the App Store in ‘Best of 2018’ awards. Earlier this week it was recognised by Apple’s “Game Trend of the Year” category representing the battle royale genre. In addition to that, it was also recognized in the “Top Games Charts of 2018” category as one of the most download

Along with PUBG Mobile, titles like Fortnite, Clash Royale, Hearthstone, etc. have also been selected to represent the best battle royale games of the year.

In our opinion PUBG Mobile has a greater chance of winning as, When coming over to the stats, PUBG Mobile has surpassed 200 million downloads and sees over 30 million daily active users. What’s more impressive is that the title managed to achieve all this in just eight months after its launch.

But that’s just our opinion, please don’t to share your thoughts over this topic…and please let us know that “Which game do you prefer playing – PUBG Mobile or Fortnite?”
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